Concerts / engagements


1-5/2 Göteborg Baroque film project: Voices from the Spinning Pan.

28/3 Stabat Mater by Pergolesi. With Amanda Flodin (alto) and Lars Storm (organ), Streamed concert, GIOA Quarantine Concerts, Hagakyrkan, Göteborg. 19.00.

2/5 Duo performance with Helena Ek, Älvsåker kyrka

23/5 Renaissance AND at GIOA Quarantine Concerts, Älvsborg Kyrka. Streamed concert at 19.00.

5/6 Trio Mediaeval, artist Johanne Marie Aagard Laache, group from Sølvguttene cond. by Fredrik Otterstad. Art project ”Sanger fra al-Hol”. Emmanuel Vigeland Mausoleum, Oslo, Norway

2/7 Trio Mediaeval, Nordland Akademi for Kunst og Vitenskap (NAKV), Sommer-Melbu, Royal Neptun Hall, Vesterålen, Norway

2/8 Trio Mediaeval. Gammel-kleppe gård, Vågå. Sommerkonsert, arr. Kultivator.

21/8 Trio Mediaeval and Arve Henriksen, Oslo Jazzfestival​

26/8 Trio Mediaeval, NoMeMus Festivalen, Söderköping, Sweden

17/9 Friman-Ambrosini-Vicens Trio, Stavanger Organ Festival, Norway

21/9 TBC Alternative History Quartet, Ireland

24/9 Friman-Ambrosini-Vicens Trio, Hatzfelt, Germany

25-26/11 Trio Mediaeval, Miry Concert Hall, Gent, Belgium

27/11 Trio Mediaeval, Winkseele, Belgium

29/11 Renaissance AND, Næstved Early Music Festival, Denmark




Due to covid-19 all concerts (except for Memorabilia in Drammen, and Ordo Virtutum in Göteborg in October) on the list below have been cancelled.


23/1 Alternative History Quartet, ‘Amores pasados’, Albacete, Spain

29/1 – 1/2 Recording with Mats Eilertsen Trio and Trio Mediaeval in Oslo. ”Memorabilia” by Mats Eilertsen.

2/2 Trio Mediaevat at A Cape’lla Festival autour de la voix, Luxemburg

4-7/2 Friman-Ambrosini-Vicens Trio, Hatzfelt, Germany. Video production and preproduction days for concerts and recording in 2020.

20-21/2 Preproduction days with Kristine West / Erik Rydvall / Trio Mediaeval in Oslo

22/3 Soloist in Magnificat by J.S Bach in Lerum church, Sweden

24/3 Masterclass Gent conservatory, Belgia

24/3 Trio Mediaeval, Consert in MIRY Concertzaal, Gent, Belgia

27/3 Consert Bayerische Rundfunk Orchestra / GrauSchumacher piano duo, conductor Brad Lubman, Die Residenz, Herkulessaal, Munchen, Tyskland

5/4 Soloist in St. John´s passion by J.S Bach, Härlanda church, Göteborg, Sweden

12/4 “Memorabilia” Mats Eilertsen Trio and Trio Mediaeval at the Norwegian Opera House, Oslo. Release of new album “Memorabilia”.

14-16/4 Alternative History Quartet recording session, Spain.

17/4 Alternative History Quartet, ‘Amores Pasados’ Madrid, Spain

21/4 Medieval music seminar at HSM, Högskolan för scen och musik, Göteborg

24/4 Trio Mediaeval and Arve Henriksen “Rímur” Jazz in Church in Bucuresti, Rumania.

30/4 Trio Mediaeval, Acappella festival, Hannover, Germany

1/5 Trio Mediaeval concert at the Deutsche Chorfest, Leipzig, Germany

12-13/6 Art project ”Sanger fra al-Hol” with artist Johanne Marie Aagard Laache, Sølvguttene, Fredrik Otterstad and Trio Mediaeval in the Emmanuel Vigeland Mausolet, Oslo.

18/6 Friman-Ambrosini-Vicens trio, Eppan/Appiano, South Tyrol

19/6 Friman-Ambrosini-Vicens trio, Murnau, Germany

3/7 Trio Mediaeval, Royal Neptune Hall, Vesterålen, Norway

26-30/7 Trio Mediaeval, Finland

7/8 Friman-Ambrosini-Vicens Trio, Monaco

13/8 Rímur, Arve Henriksen and Trio Mediaeval, Oslo Jazzfestival, Grønland kirke, Norway.

21/8 Rimur, Arve Henriksen and Trio Mediaeval, at Rheingau Musik Festival, St. Stephan church, Mainz, Tyskland

6/9 Vicens Quartet, Erice, Sicily

10/9 Gavin Bryars Ensemble, Galway, Ireland

12/9 Alternative History Quartet, Triskel Art Centre, Cork, Ireland

18/9 Friman-Ambrosini-Vicens Trio, Norsk orgelfestival, Stavanger

19/9  Rimur (med Arve Henriksen) konsert, Konvergencie Festival, Bratislava, Slovakia.

20/9 “Memorabilia” Mats Eilertsen Trio and Trio Mediaeval. Sacred Music Festival, Drammen, Norway

26/9 Ordo Virtutum by Hildegard von Bingen (Helena Ek, Amanda Flodin, Anna Maria Friman and Schola Gothia). At 14.00 Hagakyrkan, Göteborg

27/9 Trio Mediaeval, Usedomer Musikfestival, Germany

10-11/10 Ordo Virtutum by Hildegard von Bingen (Helena Ek, Amanda Flodin, Anna Maria Friman and Schola Gothia), Gothenburg International Organ Festival, Örgryte Kyrka, Göteborg, Sweden

23/10 Trio Mediaeval and Arve Henriksen, “Rimur”, Hasselt Cathedral, Belgia

24/10 Trio Mediaeval, Winksele, Belgium

20-22/11 Ordo Virtutum by Hildegard von Bingen (Helena Ek, Amanda Flodin, Anna Maria Friman and Schola Gothia. Concerts in the Gothenburg Area. TBC.

29/11-6/12 Trio Mediaeval concerts North America TBC

4/12 “Welcome Yole” concert at Flynn Center, Performing Arts, Burlington VT, US

5/12 “Welcome Yole” concert at KCP Presents in St. Johnsbury VT, US

10/12 Christmas concert. Trio Mediaeval soloists with Stavanger Symphony Orchestra, Norway

11/12 Christmas concert. Trio Mediaeval soloists with Stavanger Symphony Orchestra, Norway


January 11, 2019

Trio Mediæval, Terje Isungset, Arve Henriksen, Anders Jormin. Ice Music in Germany, White Box Concerts at 20:00, München, Germany.

​February 1, 2019

Trio Mediæval. Folk Songs. Voc Vocal Passau, Germany. Heilig-Geist-Kirche at 20:00.

​February 3, 2019

Trio Mediæval. Zeitlose Folk Songs. Schöppingen, Germany. Pfarrkirche St. Brictius at 18:00.

​February 16, 2019

Alternative History, Basílica de Sant Just i Sant Pastor, Barcelona, Spain, at 19.00,

February 17, 2019

Alternative History: Amores Pasados, Real Coliseo Carlos III, Madrid, Spain at 18.3o,

March 6-11, 2019

Trio Mediæval, Arve Henriksen

AUSTRALIA: Adelaide Festival

March 6, St Francis Xavier Cathedral at 18:00. Rímur.

March 9, Ukaria Cultural Center at 14:30. Aquilonis.

March 10, Ukaria Cultural Center at 17:15, Rímur.

March 11, Ukaria Cultural Center at 18:00. Folk Songs.

​April 20, 2019

Trio Mediæval. Lumen de Lumine, Easter programme. Wigmore Hall, London, England at 19:30.

​May 2, 2019

Trio Mediæval. Folk Songs. A Cappella Festival, Leipzig. Ev. Reformierte Kirche at 20:00.

May 8, 2019

Trio Mediæval. The Conductus in Castille (Las Huelgas codex and Ivan Moody works), SWR Schwetzinger Festspiele in Schwetzingen, Germany.

May 12, 2019

Ensemble Serikon, Trollhättans Tidigmusikdagar, Sweden

May 27-29, 2019

Friman-Ambrosini-Vicens Trio in Hatzfeld. Work in progress.

June 30, 2019

Trio Mediæval. A Worcester Ladymass. Mariakirken, Søsterkirkene på Granavollen, Norway at 19:00.

August 7-11, 2019

Choir course workshops at Musica Divina Festival, Krakow.

August 12, 2019

Friman-Ambrosini-Vicens Trio at Musica Divina Festival, Krakow

August 17, 2019

Trio Mediaeval and Arve Henriksen. Rímur.

Dobrsska Brana International Music Festival, Check Republic

August 19, 2019

Trio Mediaeval.

Raulandskademiet, Norway, 12:00, opening of academic season.

September 12, 2019

Trio Mediaeval and John Potter. Machaut and the Kings of Cyprus.

Heptonstall Parish Church at 19:00, England

September 14, 2019

Trio Mediaeval and John Potter. Machaut and the Kings of Cyprus.

Via Mediaeval, Otterberg Cathedral (SWR), Germany

September 15, 2019

Trio Mediaeval. Festival Voix et Route Romane, Alsace, France.

Festival de musique médiévale.

October 5, 2019

Trio Mediaeval. Macao International Music Festival, China.

October 6, 2019

Trio Mediaeval. Macao International Music Festival, China.

October 15, 2019

Trio Mediaeval.

Allerheiligen Hofkirche, München, Germany

October 16, 2019

Trio Mediaeval.

Polling Library, Germany

October 18, 2019

Trio Mediaeval. Bozar, Brüssel, Belgium

Cathédrale Saint Michel et Sainte Gudule, Bruxelles

October 20, 2019

Friman-Ambrosini-Vicens Trio with Arve Henriksen at Göteborg International Organ Festival

12-14 November, 2019

Alternative History Quartet at AHA Festival for Art & Science.

22 November, 2019

Alternativ History Quartet, Portugal

23 November, 2019​

Alternative History Quartet, Cadiz, Spain

29 November, 2019

Trio Mediaeval, Hagakyrkan at 19.00, Göteborg, Sweden

1 December, 2019

Trio Mediaeval, Elverum, Norway

8 December, 2019

Trio Mediaeval and Caldera, Grorud, Norway